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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Our firm boasts extensive experience in commercial litigation, encompassing proceedings in the Magistrates Court, Regional Court, High Court, and the Supreme Court of Appeals in Bloemfontein. We have a proven track record of success, including a landmark judgment in the Supreme Court of Appeals, which has significantly influenced the common law regarding Estate Agents Commission.

Over the years, we have represented a diverse clientele, ranging from large corporate entities to small and medium-sized businesses. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of disputes, including:

  • Commercial Agreements: Handling disputes arising from the interpretation, enforcement, and breach of commercial contracts.
  • Claims for Goods and Services: Addressing claims related to goods sold and delivered, as well as services rendered.
  • Restraints of Trade: Litigating breaches of non-compete and non-solicitation clauses in employment and business agreements.
  • Employment Contracts: Resolving conflicts related to the terms, conditions, and termination of employment contracts.
  • Personal Injury and Patrimonial Loss: Pursuing claims for compensation due to personal injury and financial losses.
  • Divorce Proceedings: Providing robust representation in divorce cases, ensuring fair settlements and protection of our clients’ rights.
  • Estate Agents Commission: Advocating for clients in disputes over commission entitlements, backed by our pivotal role in shaping the legal landscape in this area.

Our firm’s commitment to excellence and our strategic approach to litigation have earned us a reputation for achieving favorable outcomes for our clients across various legal challenges. Whether dealing with complex corporate disputes or personal legal issues, we provide tailored legal solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

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