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Family Law

Family Law


Assisting clients in determining what amount of maintenance they should be able to claim from their ex-spouse after divorce. It is an area that requires an analysis of the earnings of each spouse, the needs of the children, and assisting our clients in understanding how the Courts go about sharing the numerous costs incurred in supporting a child between the parties. We appear for our clients in the various Maintenance Courts.

Cohabitation Agreements

We assist clients in drafting cohabitation agreements taking into account all the nuances that there may be in living with one another in the absence of a marriage, as well as same-sex life partnerships.

Customary Law Unions

We analyse the implications of the various customary law marriages in particular with reference to hos considering divorce. It is a complicated area of the Law that needs careful analysis in determining the financial claims the spouses may have against one another.

Wills and Trusts

Drafting a legally binding Will ensuring the proper transmission of all your worldly possessions to your loved ones, is probably the last act of love you will do for them. It is also essential to take into account the tax aspects involved in planning for one’s family in the event of death. Particularly in current times with Covid, this is an issue on so many people’s minds. We assess the benefits of registering a Trust for living person’s as a method of estate planning and also consider with our clients creating a Will Trust which continues to make available income and capital to one’s nearest and dearest for years after the estate is wound up.

Domestic Violence

We appear at the relevant Courts to ensure that applications to obtain Protection Orders against abusive spouses or other parties. We endeavour to ensure that such Court Applications are dealt with in a professional manner and that the necessary relief is obtained.

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