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Client Testimonials

Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

Dave Setzkorn

Dear Hugh, I should like to thank you and your Consultant Olga-May Musnitzky for the most professional and efficient manner in which the registration transfer of our Sandhurst Ext 4 property was handled in early December. It was a real pleasure sitting down with Olga-May in one meeting to attend to all the formalities of signing the documents etc. and without any further involvement from me the registration was attended to successfully in less than five weeks from start to finish, and within only two weeks from when the purchaser’s guarantee was presented – I believe somewhat of a record and against doubts of the Selling Agents. I was also most impressed with manner in which Olga-May kept me constantly informed at each step whilst handing all the formalities of the registration of transfer. Without hesitation I will recommend the services of both of you! Kindest regards and best wishes.

Mike Brown : President Mike Brown Associates

I have known Hugh Raichlin for the past 25 years. During that time he has acted for me in various property matters and more recently a family matter. In each case we were successful as either Plaintiff or Defendant. I attribute this to Hugh’s rapid grasping of the issues in dispute and applying his wealth of experience in resolving matters efficiently and effectively. Hugh’s professional approach to legal matters combined with his compassionate individuality are in my view a very special trait. He is very well connected in the community and is able to rapidly align with the specialists in the legal fraternity when required, thereby bringing about the desired results, in sometimes complicated matters. I have no hesitation in recommending Raichlin Attorneys.


Years ago Hugh Raichlin Attorneys was recommended by an estate agent to assist in extracting unpaid rentals from an errant debtor. The tenant was taking advantage of my residing in faraway Zimbabwe knowing that my visits to Johannesburg were few and far between. He had convinced himself that I was unlikely to appear and confront him so proceeded to run his arrears into the stratosphere. I braced myself for another excursion to that frenzy of traffic jams and lunatic drivers. There I first met Hugh Raichlin and acquainted him with the failings of my tenant. Hugh took the details he needed and I was soon on my way back to balmy Bulawayo. Imagine my delight when Hugh subsequently transferred all the outstanding rentals into the company bank account. Admittedly the ex-President of Zimbabwe has trashed our property rights and farm market prices but Hugh’s diligence did increase the boundaries of my game farm by a further six thousand acres! An early capitulation may initially seem humiliating to a debtor but is actually sound strategy when compared to the mental onslaught and ultimate surrender he will be forced to confront once firmly fixed in Hugh’s sights! ————————————— On a personal note Hugh. I want to thank you for all you have done. Your ability to blend compassion with sound reasoning is a gift. I am sure many lawyers can take a client through the process of divorce what I doubt is that many can do it in a way that creates such safety. Your humility, honesty, integrity and warmth have made this difficult and emotional journey a lesson in so many ways. Ciao, Rob

Senior Counsel Johannesburg Bar

“… The task was made much easier by a really superb legal team that ran the Arbitration and Appeal process with military precision and skill. Well done. It was a real pleasure to work with you all.”

Thank you for turning this plain Jane into a swan.

I came here with absolutely nothing and I’m leaving with everything. You have been a wonderful boss and a pleasure to work with. I appreciate everything that you have taught me and I will forever be grateful. I wish you all the best. Kind Regards Cynthia Mthembu

Dear Hugh and Cynthia,

I think in the past (Mr X) has exhausted those to whom he owes money by means of his never-ending ducking, diving, and deceit. Little did he realize that there is a bull terrier with offices in Norwood who never lets go once he has taken firm hold of the scruff of the neck! Well done and best wishes to you both!” Chris Jarret. Zimbabwe.

Les Weil Chairman – JH Isaacs Group Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Dear Hugh, I want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation of your service and the valued relationship we have had with your firm over the years. At all times you and your colleagues displayed a diversity of talent and ability to deal with both commercial and private issues across a broad spectrum. Not only have they been diligently dealt with but tìmeously as well. We look forward to our association for many years to come.

Clinical Psychologist & Consultant – Leonard Carr Consulting

I have known Hugh in different personal and work contexts for over 25 years. Hugh’s most outstanding quality is his tremendous humanity. Hugh brings this humanity, in the form of deep compassion and sensitivity, loyalty, passion, energy, unshakeable integrity and kindness to everything he does. He is an outstanding communicator and an inspiring teacher. His love of people combined with his ability to interrogate histories and facts makes his seminars about the history of Jewish Communities around the work profoundly engaging, highly informative and uplifting. I would like to see Hugh’s work being given the value and recognition that it so richly deserves-not for his sake, but for the sake of all of those who will undoubtedly benefit from being introduced to Jewish History through his rich erudite presentations.

Steven Gottschalk CEO – Value Logistics

I have known Hugh Raichlin on a professional basis for many years whereby he has assisted me with a number of business related legal matters. In all my dealings with Hugh, I have known him to be an honest and trustworthy man and attorney who always acts with integrity. He is meticulous and thorough and gives attention to the small details in matters which are of importance in any legal matter, no matter how big or small. Hugh and his team have assisted my company with a number of large civil claims, whereby he has been successful in achieving the desired commercial result for our company.

Rosemary Mason

Dear Hugh, After three frustrating years of litigation in the High Court for compensation for injuries and medical costs sustained after a fall in a Johannesburg restaurant, I was delighted to receive appropriate compensation due to the good advice and persistent efforts of you and your staff.

Sean Melnick – Chairman Stenham Support Services Ltd

I have had the opportunity to work with Hugh on several different matters over the past 20 years. I have found Hugh’s integrity, ethical guidance and sound advice to be of enormous value to me each time

Jonathan Broll Chairman – Broll Property Group

I have been privileged to have been a client of Hugh Raichlin for over ten years and have always received dedicated and personal service. His advice and legal action when required have been of great benefit and have assisted in the growth of our business.

Alan Watkins : Managing Director Watprop Industrial and Commercial Property Consultants

I have known Hugh since we were together in primary school and worked with him both as his accountant and on various legal matters over the years. He is a man who is reliable , trustworthy and his ethics are unquestionable. He has been able to carry his religious beliefs into his working environment and given others from different cultures and beliefs a feeling of togetherness and respect that is seldom seen today. I treasure both our working relationship and special friendship that has grown over the years.

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